‘The Four Tendencies’ by Gretchen Ruben

I just went thru this book and I have to say it is just not my thing. It’s kinda pseudo-psychology from a lay- person perspective with all kinds of labels and personality descriptions.

I’m sorry, but this book just isn’t interesting at all.

I’m sure she means well in describing these personality types but personally, it just feels like labels and categorizing personality traits.

I wouldn’t recommend it unless you want to label yourself and somehow that would help you understand yourself. I have read her other books and did enjoy them especially ‘The Happiness Project’.

Martha Stewart’s SLOW COOKER

SLow Cooker is 110 recipes from the Martha Stewart test kitchens.

There are some classic recipes like beef stew Sicilian style, plus meatloaf, which I’d like to try.

I make many dishes in my crockpot especially all of my beans, black, pinto, lentils etc. But I like the many variations that this cookbook offers.  There are many vegetarian recipes too. Overall, I don’t think you can ever go wrong with a Martha Stewart cookbook.

I received this book from bloggingforbooks in exchange for my honest opinion.

‘the life-changing manga of tidying up’

-This is a very clever book about the ideas in marie kondo’s ‘the life-changing magic of tidying up’.

It’s a graphic novel which depicts the story of a young professional woman who is very untidy. It’s a lot of fun to read and I enjoyed how it went thru the same things in the original book but as a storyline.

I’d give this book a 5-star rating! Lots of fun to read and the illustrations are great.

I received this book from bloggingforbooks in exchange for my honest review.


‘Vibrant India’ by Chitra Agrawal

A simply beautiful book on Indian Cooking. The vegetarian recipes are explained well and most are not complicated. I’m looking forward to making quite a few dishes from this book.

The pictures are lovely and her family stories are enjoyable to read.

I’d highly recommend this exceptional book.

This book was given to me by bloggingforbooks in exchange for my honest opinion.

‘100 Essentials’ by Francine​ Jay

I decided to buy this ebook since I’m always looking to deepen my understanding and my practice of minimalism. 100 essentials

I follow miss minimalists blog and enjoy her writings. This ebook is an encapsulation of minimalism. she really has taken this to another level of what minimalism means. I like she says each person will have their own 100 essentials.  I doubt I’d ever have that few but I think I’d still like to have less in our house.

It’s a good ebook and you should check it out. I got rid of a few things that I had multiples and I’m always thrilled to see stuff go.


‘The Travelers’ by Chris Pavone

61oakvfikpL._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_.jpgThis is quite the thriller. It is full of suspense and intrigue.  The main character, Will Rhodes, is a travel writer. He travels all around the world to get the inside scoop on places to visit and where to eat for the magazine he works for.

He has some relationship issues and money issues. He is ‘recruited’ to be part of a spy organization although you don’t really know who. It is a great read for those of us that love espionage and trying to figure out who and what is behind something.

It is an excellent book and one you won’t be able to put down.

KonMari, an update.

I recently watched a youtube of Marie Kondo ,the originator of the Kon Mari method of tidying. I was impressed. I’m not a novice at decluttering or minimalizing. I’ve been at it for at least 4 years now. But i was struck by something she said and decided to revisit her method. I’ve read both her books and did  enjoy them but didnt do the take everything out thing. Since I’ve decluttered so much in the past I decided to try this. I started with my clothes. Now, I have a very small wardrobe. I wear basically the same thing everyday. i have black, white, navy, and jeans. I have less than 40 items  and 3 pairs of shoes. So, I still took everything out. Touched each thing and was able to get rid of at least half of what I had. I was impressed. I had some jeans I was hanging on to in case I lost some weight. Out they went. If I lose weight I will get something then.  I dont count in my workout sweats or jackets.  I have 2 of each. So I was impressed.

The next day I did books. Now I also have very few books anymore. We have @ 4 dozen Easton press. These are collector items and they are for both my daughter and my son. They are very beautiful and a good investment. I didnt take these off the shelf and touch because I knew all were staying. But I did take all the rest which wasn’t that much but still I managed to fill a grocery bag. Most were Todd Borg’s Tahoe mystery series and those will get donated to the Truckee Library.  Plus 2 new books I got from blogging for books. I could still have gotten rid of some old family books that are pretty old ,1850’s  They didnt really spark joy but I was undecided so i kept them for now. Again, I was quite surprised with the holding each item and feeling for the spark of joy.

Next the area to do is papers. Again, I have declutteded so much I had a small bin to go thru and then 1/2 drawer in a file cabinet. I still threw out ( we will burn them) 2 huge bags. I was impressed. Old mortgage papers , bills etc. I put back less than 1/2 of what I had.

Now I’m going thru the Komono stuff. That’s lots of areas such as bathroom, pantry. Our bathroom is very minimalistic so not much but I did throw out a few things and cleaned the cabinet drawers.  I also took all the food out of our open shelving (restaurant stainless steel shelves) and went thru everything threw out a bunch and put a bunch in the food bank bag and then reorganized it. It looks better. I also keep canned goods in our bedroom closet and reorganized that. Not anything really to throw out per se.

So, here’s the thing,  I think if you’re just starting out with decluttering, I would recommend you start with the 4 bag system. Toss, Keep, donate, and not sure. i think this would get you thru the first layer of decluttering and would be a good start and would show immediate improvement in your home. Clear off counters and surfaces too. Then after a few sessions of this start Kon Mari. I think,my opinion only, Kon Mari could be overwhelming at first. But then again millions have done it and like it. Whether or not they finished ,who knows.

Next up is more kitchen cabinets but I’ll do one side then the other since it is hard on my back to take everything out from all cabinets at once. Even with what I’ve done ,my back has been sore.

I’ll get some pictures on when I upload them from my phone.