13th of December

YES! YES!YES!, Doug Jones won. I am beyond excited that he beat that racist, pedophile Moore.


I love this quote and that it’s by Einstein.

I actually decluttered a few things that just don’t have a home (ie, a toothbrush thing that came with the sonic care). I haven’t  used in in year so I put it in the thrift store box. There were a few other things too, like 2 small snow globes that really don’t have a place for.

I walked alone as B is on the north coast. Then I sliced cheese and prepped sliced meat for the FOAL luncheon.

Then I started laundry and made polenta. I didn’t go to the gym yesterday so I went today and just did a 30-minute workout.

I’m heading out to the luncheon soon.

I received a pre-release e-book of ‘ The Minimalist Kitchen’ and it is absolutely fantastic. I love it. I would highly recommend buying this book when it comes out it in March.

I still need to get a gift card for my brother at Tractor Supply this week. Other than that Christmas is going to very simple and minimalistic which I am thrilled about.


12th of December

Happy Hanukkah!!


We will light the menorah and have latkes (potato pancakes) with applesauce and sour cream.

Let me be clear, we are NOT Jewish, but I really like many Jewish traditions and Hanukkah is one of those. This year I got some beeswax candles and I think they will smell wonderful burning.

Try going slower this Christmas season. I think, is essential to living more simply and consciously. Maybe you could be done with shopping, maybe you have enough already. Think about it.


Dinner is latkes, applesauce, and ?


Simple Sunday

Today, I’m off the gym and then to Safeway( which is almost next door to the gym, to get olives from their olive bar, wine, cream and whatever else I need for Thanksgiving. I don’t want to have to go to the store till after Thanksgiving.

I’m in the bedroom zone with Flylady and I just washed the inside windows, tidied the Christmas packages in the corner, and I’ll work on the closet/pantry a little more.img_1086.jpg

This is the stained glass hanging in our bedroom window.

img_1085.jpgA plant in the corner on a bar stool I was going to donate and then decided to reuse it.


Having put the pantry stuff in the closet has been really great. If you live in a small house with no pantry or closets for that matter this is such a great idea. We really have only one closet in this house. In the other bedroom, we have an Ikea closet that is essentially a built-in now.


Dinner is those meatballs I made yesterday and marinara sauce with spaghetti.



Beyond a capsule wardrobe

I like the idea of a capsule wardrobe. I like it is minimalistic. It probably works great for working people and anyone wanting to start on reducing their clothes.

But for myself, I lean toward and practice a ‘uniform’ or very basic wardrobe. or my new term is elemental or basic wardrobe. I don’t own any dresses. Wait, I have one black dress that is a J Jill traveling material, I  bought on eBay when we were going to Florida last year and needed a dress for an evening event. Actually, once there, I realized I didn’t need it at all, but since it doesn’t take up any room in my closet, I ‘ve kept it.

So I have this one sleeveless dress,( kinda a longish straight design). Then what I wear daily is either dark jeans, black Ponte( a stretch material) pants,  a medium colored pair of jeans, black T-shirts, white t-shirt, denim button-down shirts (3) all Old Navy. I have 3 light zippered sweatshirts in black, grey, dark purple. One white button down shirt also Old Navy.  I need some black sweaters but haven’t purchased any yet.

Remember, I live in a moderate climate so I only have one North face polar fleece. No rain coat or winter coat. I have a pair of Birkenstocks, a pair of Naots, an old pair of Keens I haven’t worn in a while, and my North Face hiking shoes that I wear daily for my walk and to go to the gym. They are almost 2 years old so that’s on my list to buy. Also, a pair of Dansko’s I wear occasionally.

I have 3 black shirts I wear as overshirts.

So that’s it besides my gym clothes. I don’t change my colors seasonally but in the summer generally cut my oldest jeans and wear as shorts, plus I have a pair of white capris.

Typically, I’ll wear jeans, black shirt and then an overshirt.


  • 1 pair of black pants
  • 4 pairs of jeans,( 3 dark and 1 medium)
  • 3 black T-shirts
  • 1 white T-shirt  ( Everlane, which now is my favorite new T shirt)
  • 3 light weight sweat shirts
  • 1 North Face jacket
  • 2 black and white striped shirts
  • 1pair of navy blue dressy pants ( haven’t worn in a while so I’ll need to see if I need these).
  • 2 navy blue T-shirts from Target
  • 1 black velvet top I wear at Thanksgiving and Christmas
  • 2 navy Old Navy shirts that I use when I’m painting etc.
  • Plus my gym wear, 4 pairs of pants/capris depending on the season.

I’m trying to add some grey T shirts and navy blue from Everlane when I can afford it next.

That’s it so, try a new approach to your clothes. Figure out what colors you like and try and keep it to just 3 -4 main colors. I don’t really use accent colors but a lot of people do in a ‘uniform’ type wardrobe.

So is this boring? Not for me, i love the simplicity of knowing what I’m wearing and it keeps me from being distracted or indecisive about what to wear.

Everyone’s life journey is different so depending if you’re a young parent, professional, etc, that will help you decide what you need in your ‘uniform ‘ basic wardrobe to be.

I’m going to call this elemental clothes.






the journey towards minimalism

Life is certainly a journey with its up and downs and in-betweens.

For me, I guess, it really did start with ‘death decluttering’ ….ha ha ha.  Before I was diagnosed in the early 2000’s I became obsessed with collecting things from the 30’s,40;s 50’s and 60’s. I had a lot of fun going to estate sales and looking for buttons, Melmac, old fans, dishes etc. I had some really nice stuff. And my absolute love is mid-century furniture and still is actually. image

So in 2005 when I went thru the gut-wrenching process of getting diagnosed( I would not recommend a biopsy of a plasmacytoma in the back with a neurosurgeon using a hammer), I had a very tiny house with lots of stuff.  With a prognosis of 3-5 years survival, I think at some point, I just wanted it gone but it wasn’t right away.

It probably wasn’t until @ 2010 when I relapsed that the idea sprung into my head, that I didn’t want my kids or husband to deal with this stuff. So….it slowly was tossed, given away or donated.  Thus, the ‘death decluttering’.  Don’t wait till it’s too late to purge, and simplify.   Really, really, DO IT NOW.


I still have more than I’d like. In October my challenge was 1000 things gone. I got to 700 and then I just didn’t find any more or at least motivated too.  So, it is a journey of discovery.

I guess there is a balance with it too.  I kinda need a couch at this point.  There was a time sitting on the floor was fine but now I’d probably need a crane to get up so that’s out.  Also, I’ve always loved all things Japanese, so I wanted a low table on the floor but again, crane anyone?

Where am I with it all?  I want only what I use and need and fits our house.  We have given away thousands of things and it feels so good.

I am enjoying adding house plants which are adding oxygen and greenery. A win-win….


Dinner is leftover wild rice chicken soup and twice baked potatoes with a salad.



So, how did I do and more!​


I thought I’d look at how I did with these goals.

goals for October just to be accountable.

  1. Paint the shake shingles where we replaced the door and windows. Yes, we finished all this.
  2. Buy at least 4 Christmas items, this could be gift cards or a book or item of clothing that might be needed. My son needs new slippers so that’s one. ,Yes, and more actually.
  3. Garden or be out in the yard tidying up 3 x a week for 15 minutes. We need to clean up the vegetable gardens and my herb garden and plant for fall. Not really, but my daughter did tons and tons of stuff in the garden.
  4. Go on one date with B, could be coffee or lunch.Yes, we went to Panera at least once.
  5. Help with FOL book and bake sale Done, we didn’t make a lot only @ $350.
  6. Make one new Julia Child recipe No, but I did try some other new recipes so maybe that counts.
  7. Get my blood work done the 3rd week of October. Yes, see post about that
  8. Continue to empty one bin and consolidate. Perhaps another round of Life magazines and there’s my children’s Waldorf main lesson books and art to go thru. Finally!! just emptied one Life magazine bin so, this leaves me with 5. These are not the huge bins but the ones Costco sells. Each one holds about 40 magazines.
  9. ?  Plan for my sister’s visit. That’s today and I’m going to order some sandwiches from our store and we can each have a half( they’re on a sourdough roll so huge) and I’ll get some potato salad. Not sure if any of them are gluten free but if they are they can just eat the insides of the sandwich.
  10. ?  TB figured out  Well, I did set a goal to declutter 1000 things this month. I didn’t care if it was 10 paper clips, I counted it as such. I’m up to 700.

So today, I’m going into the gym a little early and do just a quick workout.  Then plan to pick up the lunch stuff. Then home to tidy and move patio chairs so there’s enough for everyone. Fortunately, the weather is warmish so we can sit outside.

Dinner is out.