Getting ready for Tahoe

We’re off in a few days for 2 weeks at my favorite place on Earth. Lake Tahoe.  It’s where I want my ashes dropped or at least in the vicinity(ha, ha,).

But the first night it’s just the 2 of us. Then the next day B has to come home because our son is having a surgical procedure and it will involve anesthesia so someone needs to take him and bring him home. So, my daughter will drive up with the dogs for 3 nights and then B will come back up on Sunday.  It will be a little juggling around till Monday and then we should be good. Someone has to be here to take care of the 2 cats and the goat and chickens.  Plus watering gardens.  I’ll drive back down myself probably Monday.

But overall it should be wonderful will nice temperatures and even cool at night.

I’ve been packing dry food and others things. I also put out the 2 Lodges to take.

Mostly it’ll be relaxing, reading and walking. This year we bought a screened tent to put over the table. It may rain so this would help some. I didn’t want to get an EZ up after I saw how big they are and they weigh a lot. Usually, we try and buy one new item each camping season to add to our gear.

Nothing new on the dog front. Haven’t seen the lady or her dogs so I’m hoping she’s not coming to the park at all.

I’m excited I tried making bagels and they came out pretty good. I’d ordered a few things from King Arthur Flour and one was non diastatic barley malt powder.  It’s what makes NY bagels , well, NY bagels. I think they came out great but my oven wasn’t calibrating (which it does from time to time) so the heat wasn’t coming up to 425. So it was a little hit and miss.




a little fuzzy on the last picture




I’m okay:)

Other than a few bruises, I’m okay.

I had a nice walk in the park this morning and everything was good.

We went to the Farmers market later and got a bunch of nice veggies. Onions, peaches, strawberries, cucumber, beets, and probably something else. Then we went to Panera for a coffee.

Then after I came home, I noticed Billy our old goat was stumbling around. Worse than usual, so I called the mobile vet to have him put down. But after she arrived, she said why don’t we try some pain meds for his arthritis. So Billy lives another day. I hope he gets a few more months.


Tomorrow, is a gym day and then we need to get ready for Tahoe.


Attacked by a Mastiff

So, I’m on my last round at the park and in the distance, I see the lady who used to walk her big mastiff, Jack. He’s probably 200 lbs. Always mellow. But I haven’t seen her in a good six months and right before that she had bought another mastiff, a female. So when I last saw them Maggie, the young dog, was maybe 4 -5 months old. So she was at the park and the lady was walking them separately.  She finished walking Jack and then got out the younger dog. I was coming around toward the baseball field (which is fenced) and she was walking the dog on the grass, a good 15 feet from the path. But the dog took off after the geese  ( which were on the other side of the fence)and just about pulled the lady over. She was on a leash and had a muzzle on. Then I’m passing by and say hi, haven’t seen you in awhile and she says no, they have been walking up on the canal. So I say Hi Maggie and the next thing is she growls and runs at me, lunges at me, knocks me over and is growling. The lady pulls her back and she does it a second time. Well, I was still on the ground at that point.  I was pretty shocked and struggled to get up thinking Shit, did I break a hip or what???? But I was tweaked in my back but seemed okay. She apologized and took off the other way. Now, I know this lady from the park and she is a responsible pet owner. she’s an ER nurse too.  But this was clearly unprovoked at another person.  That would be it for me with that dog.

So I’m sore and bruised but I still have a face and an arm which if the muzzle wasn’t in place I’d be in the ER no doubt.

A very weird way to start my day.  But I’m okay!! I’m just hoping tomorrow I’m not more bruised or worse.

the week ahead….

Our temperatures look nice for the week. Low 90’s. It actually cooled off last night and our walk this morning was nice.

We are on day 67 of year 5. There have been a lot of people walking at 6 am. I guess because of how hot it has been. So it’ll be nice if a few drop away. As the weeks go on, it does get down to the maybe 6 of us that walk every morning. And when the weather turns we’re usually out there alone or maybe the one other very dedicated walker.

This should be a mellow week with B gone in LA, my daughter won’t be working every day, and my son, just in and out as usual. I have one appt Wednesday and that’s it. Tomorrow I’m taking food to the food bank and then to 2 different thrift stores. One will be the Cancer thrift store as my daughter has a few higher quality things she wants to go there.  Then a drop off at good will.

Next week we start our 2 weeks in Tahoe. We all won’t be there at the same time but they’ll be some overlap. We’re not paying for a house sitter this time so we need one of us here to put chickens away and feed and love the cats.

I got thru the Kitchen zone pretty easily and even vacuumed. So tidied and I’m getting a load of laundry done.

One of the things minimalism has done for me recently is actually not taking something away but adding. I’ve been adding houseplants here and there for a touch of green.  I’m really enjoying it. I’m sure I’ll lose a few like the maiden hair fern which seems quite temperamental. I’ve moved it into the bathroom as it like humidity but not sure if it’ll make it.  It’s been a nice added touch.

Dinner is cheese ravioli ( I think). It’s pasta Monday so….

Simple Sunday with lots of chores…

Well, we went back to Ikea this morning to return the file cabinet. It didn’t fit under the desk and was just sitting on the floor at an awkward angle.  So we decided to use an old file box my daughter still had from school that will actually fit on the bottom shelf of the new Billy Shelf.  So, that will make it all look much better.

Then, we were planning on Costco to get the new Nova foam for our bed and it’s on sale with $30 off so an excellent deal. The reason for this shuffle is the tent trailer has our old Nova foam but when we were at New Brighton I realized the foam had lost its oomph. Like big time since I was pretty uncomfortable sleeping on the bed.  So the one on our bed will go out to the tent trailer and the new one on our bed.  So a win win.


Tonight we’re celebrating my sons 23rd birthday with grilled steak, tofu, green beans from the garden and some grilled potatoes. I made brownies for dessert and I need to run down to the market for ice cream. Tomorrow is his birthday but B will be flying out to LA to help with a co op opening all week. It was a hot day in August 1994 when our boy arrived at 2:28 in the afternoon.

Today it’s a little cooler 90 or so and at least somewhat pleasant.



More accomplished

My daughter put together the Ikea Shelves for B and they look very nice. The last piece is the file cabinet. There will be loads of space to put folders, books etc. But, I will want at least half of one shelf empty…one empty 1/2 shelf.  In all our bookcases ( we have 2 small ones and a larger teak one)  I’m trying to keep to the one empty shelf theme. At least one-half of a shelf. It seems to help with not stuffing everything into the shelves just because there is room. Less stuff, more space.IMG_0873.jpg

We still need to drop off the big desk that’s sitting in my van and a bookcase that needs to go. That won’t happen till Saturday since B is gone till late Friday afternoon and it’s too big for me to move and at Goodwill, they won’t help unload due to liability. So, that will have to wait till then.

My son’s birthday is next week and he already got a present in us paying for his car to be fixed. A very expensive present. But, I’m going to get him a gift card for gas as a little present.

WE live in a fairly rural area but close to a main town( Auburn). We rarely see homeless or transients but this last 2 weeks there have been at least 5 weird incidents around here.

Three people had break ins( a car, a garage and something else I can’t remember).  Then we saw a person walking thru town last week who was definitely out of character for our little town. no shirt, tons of tattoos ( I’m not prejudiced about tattoos but no shirt and the combination was weird. Plus he seemed out of sorts.  ( my projection)  BUT on our neighbor hood watch, someone said this guy, no shirt, tattoos, only a pair of slip on shoes,  knocked on their door at 10;30 AT NIGHT asking for a drink of water, and a cigarette. WTF???? This was not too far from our house.  So clearly something weird and I’m trying not to be too freaked. We usually never lock doors etc.  But this week I’ve locked doors and today I’m actually going to buy some mace( pepper spray) for the house.  We don’t own guns or anything defensive so….

The other thing is I’ve wanted to install gates at our 2 driveways. I know they could still go over them but gates are a deterrent so.  I priced them out and it’ll be @ $200 for each one. So I think well start with one. Of course, we need 2 because our driveway splits and goes in 2 directions. But it’s a start.

It’s very hot here again. It’s supposed to be 104 today. This has been a wicked hot summer so far.

Dinner is whatever Wednesday, so????