6th of December

Grateful for a cup of good coffee.

The back story is we had to fast this morning to get the labs done for the insurance. Okay, I can do this but we get to the lab at 8:25 and supposedly we needed some sort of paperwork that B did not download.   So, I was not a happy fasting camper. But a quick stop to Starbucks and all was right with the world. But we’ll have to do it later anyway.

Then we went to the bank to use the coin machine. This is a sealed pot challenge originally started by the blogger’s new life in the country.  

We ended up with $88.78. Pretty good for a year. we still haven’t decided what we will use it on. Maybe part of our travel money.

I’m doing the minimalist game this month. So day 1 is 1 thing, day 2 is 2 things, etc. Not sure I can come up with that amount but I started with the Christmas ornaments I don’t want.  Plus I do need to go thru some old files so that will add some items.

Dinner is a roast chicken and farmers market chard, I’ll saute it with some garlic.

Here’s another amazing picture by my lovely daughter.


This is a California scrub jay.








5th of December

Dark and very cold mornings, but the frost is sparkling and the moon is bright.  The sky is starlite.


This is a picture my daughter took with Fuiji film HS10.

This is super moon.


We had a lovely broccoli cheddar soup for dinner with toasted potato bread. The bread was quite lovely. It’s a good recipe to have on hand.


Today, I’m grateful for the sun shining and slightly warmer weather.




4th of December

OMG, it was freezing this morning walking. Right around 32 degrees and quite frosty. It was pretty though(what we could see with the lovely moonlight).

I went and had my blood draw so by Thursday we’ll know the outcome. It’s hard to say at this point based on how I feel. It could go either way.

I finished the kitchen zone and decided to make some potato bread which uses a cup of mashed potatoes.  It’s supposed to be great sandwich bread. I’ve never tried it so….. I also thought of buying some of those bread pans that have the lid on them to make a square loaf. Williams Sonoma has one on sale right now. It’s called a Pullman loaf pan.

Today, I’m grateful to have a tidy and clean kitchen to make bread in.



3rd of December

I’m grateful for my husband who works extraordinarily hard to support his family.

We have excellent health care as long as he continues to work full time and our son is covered till his 26th birthday, which will be right around the time my husband retires.

This next year I have some specific financial goals, one being, paying off the Santa Fe or at least most of it so B can get a small car like a Hyundai Elantra. Since he will still get a car stipend thing, he can use that instead of racking up more miles on the SF which we need to pull the tent trailer.  We will sell either the van or my VW. I’m guessing the van but who knows.

Today is a gym day and I need to go to Safeway for a few things like milk. Then this coming week is Flylady’s kitchen zone. I’ll probably start today and at least wipe the cabinets.

Our week looks dry and sunny but still cool, only @ 60 degrees high.


Beautiful Lake Tahoe!



2nd of December

Grateful to be able to go the farmers market and buy my beautiful veggies for a week or two. I got rainbow chard, 2 types of lettuce, radishes, local mandarins, red onions, mustard greens, leeks, broccoli and a chunk of local cheese from Petaluma.

I have 10 meals planned.

Stir- fry with some veggies

Broccoli cheese soup

Potato leek soup

tofu burgers

Turkey and wild rice soup (tonight)

roast chicken with rice and salad

taco night

pizza night

breakfast for dinner

? ?????

It’s a chilly damp day.




December 1st

Wow, we are coming to the end of 2017. It’s been a great year for me. I’m grateful for having had normal blood tests and for feeling generally good. I’m also appreciative of having further embraced minimalism and having gotten rid of a few thousand things along the way. Even though I did count every last pen as one item, hey, I was in it for the numbers:)

I go next week for my 6-week labs.  I’m prepared mentally if my numbers hit high normal. Of course, I’m hoping not but still. Then also next week we need to do labs(fasting) for insurance. It’s a pain in the butt, but it does lower what comes out of B’s paycheck so it’s worth it.

I cruised over to Home depot to check out live potted trees. There were a few that were @ $40, but I decided I didn’t want to do that.  What happened is the tree we cut died and it was dropping copious amounts of pine needles. What happened was B didn’t cut the bottom off when we put it in the stand. We figured since it had just been cut it’d be ok. That’s my guess anyway. Maybe it was just it didn’t want to be inside. oh well, it’s happened before actually so I’m not upset and we still have our lovely artificial tree up.

IMG_1084 (1)

this was it before it died:(

Just Keep Walking update

Tomorrow the 30th marks 4 years and 6 months of walking every.single.day.

I went out at 5:45 am alone as B is in Chico working. The stars were lovely.

By the time 6:15 rolled around the sky was lightening up and it was pre-dawn.

I need new walking shoes but still haven’t ordered them. My North Face shoes are 2 years old in January. I was reading another blogger about the “Walking STore”, and how they take a computerized image of your feet and then recommend after that.  I may consider this as my orthotics in my shoes are 4 years old and I’m sure not doing anything.   The’Walking Store’ shoes are quite expensive but it’s probably worth it. Especially when you have foot problems like I do.

We’ll see.

IMG_0912 (1)

Walking in Tahoe at dawn.