Rainy again

It’s a rainy Monday. We walked in the park and it was just misting.  Yesterday, there was an Easter service that we walked by. And there were 3 sets of new baby goslings.  Unfortunately today we saw a Canada goose had been gotten by a coyote or mountain lion and feathers were everywhere. And there were only 2 sets of parents.  Canada Geese are extraordinarily fierce with their young so it must have really tried to protect the babies. WE did count the babies and I got to 19 so maybe some of the ones of killed goose went over to the other parents. I hope so.

We had southern fried tofu for Easter dinner. Of course, we don’t celebrate Easter as such, just as a renewal of a new cycle of life. Not based on Jesus. So I made a potato salad and we had some deviled eggs. I didn’t fry the tofu but baked and you’d think the end of the world had come. I guess I’m not doing that again.  It was pretty good just not quite as tasty as when I fry them.

This week is not too busy. I have an Invisalign appt, and that’s it. Plus I’ll go to the Koffee Klatch on Thursday.  I have a good size load of Life magazines to go the Humane Society Thrift store.  There are some great ones from the 40’s going but it’s just the way it needs to be. Plus the van is full of Foodbank boxes so I’ll do that tomorrow on the way to the gym.

Next week are my labs so that’ll be interesting. At some point, my light chains will begin to increase and then who know. For now, I live each day as if it is a gift.  Life is precious, non-essential live it as fully as you can.


One thing about minimalism is that as you clear the nonessential, you really begin to experience things differently. DEfinetely clearer and more in touch with what is around you. It’s a process for sure.  I have to say, every time declutter or look at what is it I want around me, I’m surprised at what the answer to that is. I want my house to be clean, clear of stuff and just a simple place to live, cook and be. It’s getting there.

They’ll be a lot of no spend days this week as the budget is used up. We have a DMV to pay and that’s about it. So, freezer meals and pantry plus what I bought at Costco. Lots of salads.

Tonight is pasta night. I’m thinking an alfredo with a big salad.



A journey towards minimalism.

I love everything about being a minimalist. I value the focus it has given me in my daily life.I love the simplicity it has brought me and how my life is less stressful. We’ve gotten rid of many many things and the things we have kept are useful and beautiful( almost).  My favorite quote is  by William Morris :imageWe still have areas in our house and barn that need work and I’m glad really ,as it gives me a focus. Minimalism has helped us become more frugal and questioning all our purchases and keeping the budget in line.

Right now I’m recovering our 1950’s Heywood Wakefield dining room chairs. I like the simplicity of the off-white canvas I’m using. It’s really painters drop cloth but heck it works. I’ll post a few pictures soon.

My journey with minimalism has evolved as all things do. I know in the different levels of decluttering I’m less emotionally attached to things and where maybe a year ago I wouldn’t have got rid of something, now it’s easier. I value open space more than things and only really keeping what we use or value.  It’s important to me to have a goal or something I’m focusing on and striving toward minimalism fits me perfect right now.

As all things in life, we change and what we hold dear changes to. But some things do remain constant. My love for my husband, children, family and deeper self-principles. Such as being honest, simplicity( Quaker value), and things that really are the same as when I was 18.  It’s funny how deep inside I think we all retain some of who we were and valued at 18. maybe not but, for me that’s true.  Of course, I’m not the same person as such, I’m older, wiser( ok that’s questionable) but hopefully a little.

Well, if you’re starting out on you own minimalism journey, declutter, make space in you home and life, and simplify. And just keep going. Reprioritise what you value. Stay close to nature or at least get out in the wild once in a while.  Okay, enough.

Daily routines and simplifying

We dropped a small load off at Goodwill and then took some very nice cookbooks to the ASPCA bookstore and those white dishes to their thrift store. I really like taking the nicer stuff to the Pet thrift store. They seem to have a very nice collection and seem to be doing well. I already have a few more things loaded into the van and if I’m up to it , I’ll go thru some more stuff in the barn. I know I’m going to get rid of more Christmas stuff and Life magazines  but when is the question.

My daily routine  started when I did Flylady. It’s still the same for the most part. having a daily routine ,morning for me, but some people do morning and evening,keeps the house and laundry tidy and organized.  If you do a daily routine it really helps  in the flow of the day. I make the bed(of course), empty the dishwasher if it hasn’t been done the night before, take out laundry and wipe the  bathroom with Costco wipes. If I need to prep for dinner such as crockpot Thursday I do that in the morning too. I make sure the counters are clear and things put away.  Also, put things away that might be out of place. Of course, we don’t have young children so it does make it easier.

Minimalizing has been a huge part of how simple my daily routine is since there’s not a lot of things to dust, or put away or maintain. I would completely advise minimalizing your things so as to simplify your life.  It’s certainly a journey and a process. But as I go layers of stuff and layers of my self a lot is revealed and let go of.  It’s interesting how different decluttering books speak to different parts of oneself.  the Don Aslett books are really fun and kinda quirky, but they Do get the message across. You really don’t need 12 rusty screwdrivers.  Or that family heirloom you think one day will be valuable. Then, of course, the Kondo way of does it spark joy.  Then now imageI’m working on the concept of ,if we moved would we take it.  It does force you to look at things differently. Of course, some things we wouldn’t take but still need now. So it’s all a process.

For me, the bottom line is I want a minimalistic home, lots of white space, and  more room.


Decluttering continues

IMG_0023IMG_0015I’ve been on a new decluttering kick. Going thru things again and letting go of more layers. It’s amazing once you aren’t sentimental about something how easy it is to let go. Plus, I’ve been asking myself ‘if I was moving would I take it’?  So I got rid of 4 more cookbooks since I actually have never made anything out of them, just like the pictures. So if I was moving ,no I wouldn’t take them…Decluttering even more our laundry area. This is a small room built off the back of our house. maybe a little hokey and if we ever were going to sell I’m not sure how it would be viewed. But it is a nice space for our washer and dryer  and small chest freezer which, has been one of best purchases ever. plus, there’s shelves for storage.  I’ve managed to reduce the Waldorf stuff to 2 small bins and will go thru them even more. I don’t need to keep those cute books for my adult children. I took out the old rug and am going to get something else at Home Depot but for now ,I have the extra bathroom mat I’ll put down. Also , hanging on 2 pegs are our emergency packs with items that would be useful if there was ever an evacuation like a fire.

This is a set of some English china. I haven’t used them in a few years yet they were hanging out with my other white dishes. So, off they go to the pet thrift store.

I also went thru another box of photos and threw out a bag of duplicates, fuzzy pictures and ones that just weren’t interesting. In total it was probably 1/2 a garbage bags worth between  2 boxes. Also, I’m consolidating our tools we keep in the house to just one drawer in my ‘new office space’. I need a few things more but I repurposed a plastic bin to hold the screw drivers. Still need something for batteries. It seemed I was all over yesterday but I felt productive.

Today I’m off to Sacramento for my next shot. I’m not shopping today as pay day isn’t till tomorrow.  So it  should be a quick trip down and back. We still haven’t heard anything on our Harp refi, so I emailed the guy and asked what’s up ? it doesn’t take 4 weeks to get a subordination on our second.  If I don’t hear today, I’ll email again. I may check with our credit union as to whether they do refi’s with the Harp program. Since its a loan that doesn’t require income doc, appraisal or other things not sure if they do.

Dinner tonight is leftover taco meat and beans together, so Chili!! with tortillas.


‘The More 0f Less’

‘The More  of Less’ by Joshua Becker

This book by Joshua Becker was just released. He is one of the leading advocates of minimalism and living a simple life. He starts off describing how his journey into minimalism started with emptying his garage. He states up front that he uses Christian and Bible referances.  I wasn’t too sure about this to start  since I’m a non-believer as such, but I didn’t find them over powering to the message of simplifying your life and minimizing. I like he was honest about this and very open to all faiths or non-faith.

The book is well written and I liked his breakdown of how to start decluttering, and then going into a lot of the psychology behind letting go of things and the benefits from living with less.

He gives lots of practical advice.

I think this is an excellent book on minimalism for both beginners and those more advanced in their journey to own less.41pkwq-8CJL._SX351_BO1,204,203,200_


This book was provided by ‘bloggingforbooks’ in return for my opinion.!!!


The ongoing decluttering and minimalism.

imageimageOur house is small. Very small, under 900 sq feet and laid out awful. It was built in 1949, with a crummy foundation, mostly no insulation etc. when we moved here 20 years ago, no one had lived here for 7 years. It was owned by the nephew of the old man who died. Truly I think now we were nuts. Piles and piles of junk, and more junk. Huge piles of pine needles probably from 20 years. The water pipes broke as soon as we turned on the water. God, what were we thinking. I had a one year old and a 10 year old. What ,was I nuts. ???

But we did it. We’ve come a long way and I’d say it’s a cute bungalow/ house. No real description.

Now, I’m totally into minimalism. And white paint. Not sure about the white paint but maybe as many other bloggers I read who decorate, white is easy to touch up and keeps things fresh. I like different shades. Navajo white is creamy, the kitchen is in Simply White, which I adore.

But, I feel there is too much furniture. I hate feeling crowded. Our front room is also our dining room and where the TV is. So what should I do.  The table needs to stay. I have a Heywood wakefield hutch for my pine cone ware. That stays.


imageSo I’m thinking to get rid of one of the arts and crafts brown chairs.  But maybe I should do the Poang ( IKEA ) chair! Any ideas!?

Minimalist wardrobe

I started wearing only certain colors and combinations a few years ago after reading about ‘uniform’ or minimalistic clothing. I liked the idea, it made things nice and simple.. I wear either a black or white or navy v neck t shirt, jeans, and a shirt over. I almost always wear a light shirt in white or black over my t shirt as i often have bruises on my arms from my myeloma.( easily bruising is a symptom). I have  2 pairs of black jeans and a few white capri for summer. I occasionally wear a dark plum sweater in the winter. Since I live in California ,our winters are generally mild and I have North Face polar tech i wear when needed.

I decided to go thru the few clothes I own and really only keep what looks good on me. I got rid of 3 stained black t-shirts and it’ll probably end up giving away 4  jeans. since I don’t have a lot of clothes , I’m going to check out getting one nice pair of jeans at lands end and 2 pima cotton t shirts. First,  i’ll check good will, but that can be hit or miss.

Minimalism in my choice of clothes really works for me. I know what colors or rather what black and  white and navy plus, when I can find it dark purple, works in my minimalistic wardrobe.

I’m also going to try and find a pair of shoes besides keens that i can wear in the fall and winter. it has to be something with great support as i have feet with issues.

I went to the dentist to have him check the splint. everything looks good and I’ll be just waiting for the Invisalign ,which will  take a few more weeks.

i enjoyed an ice tea out at Starbucks and used my mac air while there.

I’m making homemade pizza for my daughter and me tonight.