not feeling better:(

I thought I was on the mend and over this cold which was mild at least until yesterday. Then I was coughing non stop and by evening quite sore from it. All night, I  coughed even with Vicks Vapor rub which did help but not a lot. Today I feel worse. My heads stuffy and I’m coughing still. I guess I’m just going to take a bath and crawl back into bed….. sigh.

I was going to go to the gym and then I need to get 2 shower curtains. I know not part of the no spend pact but after a while, the old ones just need to get tossed. Maybe tomorrow.

My daughter left Truckee at 3 pm (early as she usually works till 6). It took her 4 hours to get home because of the snow and snow related accidents.

So far the Uber Frugal month has been great. I’ve used tons of stuff from the freezer that generally I just ignore. Like last night I made turkey chili with some organic ground turkey I’ve had in there and always push aside in favor of something else. So win win.  There’s more to use up especially since I’m getting a Zaycon order of Whole chickens at the end of the month. From the first time we moved to California 1975, we started buying bulk.Bulk beans, organic rice, honey, oats.  We were back to the landers living in a fairly rural area where my husband got a job with the Forest Service.  WE drove 20 miles to organic milk and made our own butter.  So even though today we live near a Holiday Market ( at the end of our driveway and across the street,  we still buy in bulk. Costco is great for cases of organic beans( when I don’t feel like making them from scratch, plus bulk butter, cheese ,tofu etc.  I don’t think we need a year’s worth of food but it wise to have some back up if a disaster occurred.  Believe me, the stores would empty out in hours.

So it’s prudent I think to have some things stored especially canned tomatoes and stuff you use a lot.  We also keep bottled water in the barn.

So think about your pantries and do a no spend month and really see what it is you use consistently and then slowly build up a small stockpile. so far, I’ ve learned quite a bit about my shopping habits.

I love to shop more European, where you go to the market daily for what you need. But it’s just not practical here.

I also enjoy reading Frugalwoods daily posts and one in particular stuck out about not trying to cook gourmet meals all the time. Stick to simple meals and simple foods. I like to think that my rotation of menus is basically simple foods like taco Tuesday which may not always be a taco but a bean bowl or burrito, Same with crockpot Thursday. Soups or beans, simple and then freeze the rest.

Well, I think it’s the Epson salt bath time for me.

Is it over yet??

We have been under storm watch for days and days. I 80 is still closed and has been for over 24 hours. It takes a lot to close this main pass in the Sierras. The rain was nonstop yesterday and came down in torrents at times. There also was the wind but I think we escaped the worst of it. It’s still raining off and on. I’m really sick of this and hope it passes soon and we get to dry out. There’s flooding all over the place in the foothills and Sacramento Valley.

Not doing too much different. Reading and tidying some. I’ve added a new page at the top of my blog for books in 2017 if you’re looking for something to read.

It’s still very depressing that in 9 days Trump will be president. His tweeting is ridiculous behavior for a president. I mean, what is he  like 14?? Plus he’s always saying something negative or untrue in his tweets. he says he never mocked the disabled reporter, but there it is recorded for all to see. Yet, he still is in denial. Whoa, that is pretty scary stuff.

Well, I hope something gets better politically. Just think of all the people especially like us with cancer( preexisting condition) and what that means for health insurance. That is very scary. Plus the GOP has no replacement. I don’t care what anyone says the ACA has helped millions of people get affordable health care. With the subsidies and credits, it is helping the people who need it the most.  If someone’s premiums have gone up, maybe it has to do with income bracket. I don’t really know. I’d be curious to know what are the income parameters.

Anyway, it’s all kinda depressing so I’m going to go read a book.

I’m trying a new recipe of Jambalaya. I’ve never made it so I have some shrimp to use and cooked rice. I don’t have the andouille sausage, but do have some Adele’s chicken sausage so… I’m going to give it a try. I’ll make the rice with peppers etc first so the veggie can have that and then add the shrimp and sausage later. I’ll let you know…..



Well, I am working as B got my van down the driveway at 6:30 this morning to take my son to work. Our driveway was ok to go down but couldn’t come back up.  My daughter got her vw out to go to work. Then B took me to the library. And later will pick me up and then Z. Also the power went out for about an hour,so I wasn’t sure I wanted to stay here in the cold and dark. But, it just came on.

So, the update on my doctor visit. I started revlimid last night  so I’m on for 21 days, dex tonight. So, he said if my number goes up ( monoclonal protein) then at some point well do a BMB which I haven’t had in about 4 years to see where my plasma cells are. If they stay the same , ok. If it goes down even better. I’m not sure how I feel with this, but it does see, like we’d need to get another diagnostic in here. I’m hoping ,of course , it goes down , but this is my 5 cycle and I haven’t really seen any change. 😦

well, onward. just walk , and keep going.image

Our Christmas trees!

Well, hanukkha is over and I’m glad. It’s fun with little gifts and latkes, but then by the 8 th night it’s a candle wax mess and and who cares if they get candy?.. Remember , I’m not Jewish so maybe thats it. 🙂

ok, over to our Christmas decorations. I have downsized a lot but still have quite a few small fake trees I love for decorating in themes. So here’s our snoopy tree,image

okay, I can’t get them to load. But there’s the snoopy tree, the small hallmark ornament tree, my favorite is the bird tree. imageThe extra ornament tree, the special needs ornament tree, and one that just has some crappy ornaments, that I’m probably going to get rid of. Most of these are the little 3 or 4 foot trees so not too much. My real Frazier tree is showing up today. I had a groupon for more than half off so I thought I’d try one. This is the last year if a real tree. Next year will be all fake trees. I guess it’s just easier.

im off to the library and then tonight is snow. So I’m not going to drive to my branch since I won’t make it, but I can walk to this branch near my house , so I’ll open that. Fun!

And yes, I walked at 6 am and it was 22 degrees. So did my sweetie who is always supportive.

I’ll check in tomorrow with my doctor updates and weather too!