Of course, by my blog name Tahoegirl, you know I love Tahoe.  It’s where I want my ashes scattered when it’s time to leave the earth body behind.

But it’s been lovely. No wind and the lake is always it’s beautiful blue. We’ve had a great 3 days alone. WE went bike riding and took the kayaks out yesterday. Kayaking is a lot of fun. Getting in and out of the kayak , not so much. I look like a beached something trying to hoist myself out of the hull. Oh well, it was fun.  Today my daughter arrives with the 2 doggies and then my son a little later with girlfriend in tow. We’ve got the tent set up for them and my daughter sleeps in the  one side of the tent trailer.

We love looking at the different RV’s and saw a Coleman tent trailer that’s quite a bit bigger. I looked on line but Coleman stopped making tent trailers in2012. So no luck there and when I looked at  used, nada, zilch. I’m guessing people won’t be giving theirs up.  So we keep looking and it’s fun to see different set ups.

Lake TahoeI’ve made one Lodge camp dutch oven meal so far. Mac and cheese. It really came out good. Not dry. Tonight I’m going to make the corn bread first and then a chili.  I have black beans for the vegetarian….

We’re headed to the store and then stopping at Red Hut ,which is iconic here in South Lake Tahoe, to buy Todd Borg’s new book. I wanted to get to a book signing but the times don’t work so I’ll get one there.  If you like mysteries that talk about real places, his books are great and we discovered a number of places due to reading his books.

Budget Thursday and the fire in Placerville ,ca

B came with me to shop at trader joes, winco, Costco and even a new Grocery outlet. We did really well with lots of pantry staple stuff. Not sure how much is actual meal things but I can certainly work the pantry and freezer. Overall, about $250, and that included non food, alcohol(2.50 buck chuck at TJ’s) . So I think we did pretty good.

This fire over in Placerville,ca is scarey. The sky has had huge plumes of smoke. Here in Meadow vista, we’ve seen it but not too much smoke. It’s still scarey some nutcase would start this. For what? Who knows.

It’s way cooler tonight and tomorrow we will see how cool it is. I’m at the library till 2. The Subaru is still in the shop and I’m going to call to check on it tomorrow.

UPS brought my revlimid today. Tonight is my last pill, and then I’ll have a week before my next blood test. It gets tiring dealing with what day is it, when do I get this, but I guess that’s just the way it is and I’m grateful to be doing well.

its been kinda a hard week, not feeling great, car stuff etc, but maybe that the best it can be so…

We’re still getting up to walk , just a little later to coincide with it getting lighter. So, around 6:05 or so.

I’ll update our days and miles soon.

Next week we are going up to Tahoe, but we just found out I-80 is supposed to be closed sometime during that time, so now we’re not sure if we can get there.

Really hot!

It’s going to be 100 degrees tomorrow.


i don’t do well in the heat but B put in our window coolers so we should be ok.

Tuesday we leave for Tahoe so it will be cooler up there. Still, it’s hot here. 

Slow day at the library . I’m off till next Saturday . So, I’m sure it’s still going to be slow.

B is getting everything ready. Chickens, chickie babies, garden….

Hopefully, it’ll all be good. 

Walking update!

We are now on day 372. Unfortunately, my knee has been giving me some trouble. I’m guessing it’s some kind of osteoarthritis. But not sure. It’s kinda clicking and my knee goes weak. It’s better then comes back. So I guess I’ll be going a little slower so I don’t aggravate it. It’s tough when I really want to forge ahead and do more. Oh well, just remember, to just keep walking! 

Not much on the schedule today except to hit the grocery store for a few things. We are going to Tahoe next week and I’ll do some shopping up there after pay day. We love Nevada beach. I just wish there were showers. We have a solar one that helps but it’s not great.

its heating up here and is suppose to be in the 90’s. I do not like it hot or too cold. Okay, I want perfect weather like Santa Barbara. 

I might do some more decluttering in the barn. We’ve made headway so a little more would be good. I need to go find some paint to touch up some areas, but our stupid goat ate the labels off, so I hope I can tell what’s what.

There’s a great discussion over at Pancakesandfrenchfries blog on “Eating Animals” . Go check it out. 

Sunday night chit chat with Carla !( on Monday )!!

  • Reading:our book club is reading Todd Borg’s “Tahoe Silence”. I really love Todd Borg’s books because they are about my favorite place ,Tahoe. This was interesting as it involved an autistic girl. Great story. The thing I really like is he mentions real places,it’s fun to go “oh yeah, I know where that is”.
  • Listening to: nothing
  • Watching: we watched a cute movie “Frank and robot”.
  • Cooking/Baking: I made a nice roast chicken and a yummy tomato salad. Plus tofu for the vegies.
  • Happy you accomplished this week: well, a lot and I’ll write my next post about painting our studio and getting ready to paint the house.
  • Looking forward to next week: my son is 19 on August 7, wow. I was 42 when I had him, I loved being a mom, and still do. He is a terrific person. I am proud of him.
  • Thankful for today: I walked and felt good
  • Bonus Question: What was your *least* favourite subject in school? Pretty easy, math. I don’t think I ever got above a C